Saturday, April 4, 2020

Campers that I like in the smaller size

Tear Drops
The older styles
The Kenskill
The Grumman
The Benroy
The off road style the Moby 1
 Pop up trailers
First is our modified Coleman Cedar

The Fleetwood Neon is very small
The older very basic Coleman Colorado
and converted for off road
A older Helite tent trailer
King Kampers

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Quartzsite Arizona Fulltimers and snowbirds and the BLM

The Colorado River District BLM managers have a clear message BLM land is at full-camping capacity.
5 areas are at capacity and the BLM is saying look for another place to camp. Four of the areas all LTVA's
La Posa North, La Posa South, La Posa West & Tyson Wells LTVA
 will have services suspended April 15th. The local BLM office also notes that dispersed camping near Tyson Wells is at capacity. So if you are headed that way look for another spot.
However, some RVers in the area are saying that the BLM land isn’t crowded at all and maybe the BLM is just looking for a way to close it for the season.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Forest Service Campground are closed in Montana

Mar 27, 2020 

Montana Campgrounds, Recreation Sites Closed Due To Coronavirus
National forests in Montana are shutting down developed recreation sites in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visitors can still recreate on most those federal lands, but should not expect any amenities.

All developed recreational facilities are now closed to the public until further notice. Those closures include all developed campgrounds, day-use sites, lookouts, forest outhouse and toilets. Forest rental cabins are now closed and unavailable for rent. Those who’ve already booked cabins will be notified as soon as possible and will get refunds.

The closures will not affect forest trails, trailheads or dispersed camping sites which remain open for now. Individual forests websites will have updated and specific details.

Closures aren’t limited to Montana’s federal lands. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks this afternoon announced state parks, fishing access sites and wildlife management areas are now only open for day use. Overnight camping is not allowed. Group use sites will be closed, including playgrounds and visitor center closures will be extended through at least April 10. Bathrooms use at many locations will be limited and sites will be regularly patrolled by enforcement staff. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

National & State park, Forest Service & BLM campgound status

Yellowstone & Glacier national parks are closed untill further notice and many states are closing their state parks. Below is a link to The Dyrt which has a listing of what is closed and what is still open. Also Campendium has a large list

Sunday, March 22, 2020

State of currant affairs

It is hard to think about camping this season with what is going on, some private campgrounds are being closed which makes me wonder what will happen with the forest service campgrounds this year. We are boondockers and have not used a forest service camp ground for two years. Also what about the water fill station we use in the Bighorn Mtns will it be open ? Or by then will there be a ban on interstate travel, we may be only able to camp here in Montana. Lets hope for the best and people quit getting in crowds if you with friends you can still talk from 6' apart, we need to stop the spread of this stuff as soon as posibble.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Computer has been down

My computer has been down, so no new posts as you have seen. I had to take the wife's old desk top and mix parts with mine so I will get back to adding posts soon. Posts to come will be living room carpet, roof cleaning, starting on solar build and repainting the popup trailer.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Camper battery bank wiring.

First there are a few rules of thumb to follow when wiring a battery bank.
1) Use wiring that is as large as you can afford, smaller wiring means power loss.
2) Keep your wiring from battery to battery the same length this will help insure proper charging.
3) You can use heavy weight welding cable between batteries it is more bendable.
4) Put in a battery cut off switch between the batteries and the RV
5) Use the same types of batteries and of the same age.

When I did my battery bank I bought a cable clamp tool and did my own and I also spent more and installed the larger 1/0 cable for the most power flow, that alone was $60.

You will have to decide on a 12 volt setup of 2 or more battery's or a 6 volt system of 2,4 or 6 batteries.

First the easiest system the 12 volt, you will want to use a Parallel wiring setup and you can even do a 3 battery system. Below are a couple of diagrams to follow. This will keep your system at 12 volts and if you are using say 150 ah battery's you would have a 300 ah system for 2 battery's or 450 ah for 3 battery's.
Remember to use batteries that are all the same type and age as they will charge more equally that way.

6 Volt systems
If you are using a small bank of 2 battery's you will want to go with Series wired setup follow the chart from Trojan below. This will give you 12 volts and your battery ah output will stay the same.

For a larger system you will want to go with Series/Parallel wiring, this will give you 12 volts and double your ah output so if you are using 232 ah battery's like I did then for 4 you would have 464 ah capacity.
Follow these charts below.