Tuesday, December 18, 2018

CB install post #1 the antenna

So for the CB install I choose a Firestik NGP (no ground plane) antenna kit with a 4' antenna these kits are for use on non metal surfaces like a fiberglass trailer wall and do not need to be grounded. I also added  a  Firestik quick disconnect below the antenna so it can be stored during travel. I chose to mount the antenna on the non entry side since there is a cabinet there in the bathroom which sits above the living room entertainment cabinet which is where I will mount the CB so it make routing the antenna cable easy. First I checked the cabinet outside walls for studs or wiring with a stud finder there was a wide stud going across the cabinet half way up so I cut a hole for a electrical outlet box below it and dug out the white foam insulating the wall it was not even high density foam it is the white stuff you see for packing, I dug that out and put in a plastic shallow outlet box and then drilled the holes through the outside for the antenna mount. The wall ended up being to thick for the shallow box and the mounting studs were to short to get nuts on so I had to re-cut the wall to mount a std metal outlet box. I mounted the box and secured the mount and sealed around the box inside the cabinet.

Not pretty but it will work and it is in a cabinet so I'm not really bothered by it.

The antenna, quick disconnect and its mount.

I will run the wire for the antenna after I put out my slider hopefully this coming weekend and I will mount the CB then.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Communications when there is no cell service

So in a earlier post I said that I was going to add ham and cb communications to my fifth wheel for when we cannot get cell service, we have 2 BaoFeng UV-82 handheld radios for use in a 4X4 club we will use these till I get a mobile unit. The BaoFeng operates at 136 - 174MHz & 400 - 520MHz and on 25KHz (wide band)12.5KHz (narrow band)and they are programmed with local and state club frequencies so in Montana & Wyoming I should be able to reach out and touch someone if needed. I added a Nagoya 19" magnetic roof top antenna on the trailer it sits on a steel plate secured to the roof so the wind won't knock it off and when in motion I will take it down and it will attach to a steel plate mounted to the ladder. I bored a 3/4 hole through the trailers rear wall and into a overhead cabinet and sealed the hole, the cable will stay in the cabinet till needed.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Camping entertainment

We have our tv and antenna and our dvd player and over 100 movies to watch, but sometimes playing games at night is our entertainment. We started out with Yatzee & Uno from our popup and this year we added Domino's, Monopoly, Life and our last addition was Montana Opoly a spin off of Monopoly with places on it that you would find in Montana or Wyoming there are many versions of the game for other states and cities check them out at https://www.lateforthesky.com/board-games/city-games/montana-opoly/

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Long term camping

Where can you long term camp, I don't mean for a few weeks I mean months ? Snowbirds and fulltimmers can use places like LTVA's in California & Arizona where you can stay for up to 7 month's for $180 most are just dispersed camp areas, some have amenities. Another alternative is New Mexico's State Parks where you can purchase a annual day use permit for $40 and then a annual camping permit for $225 for out of staters, then you simply move from 1 state park to another every 14 days and if you want a site with full hook ups you only pay $8 a night or $4 for electric only. Nevada has a similar deal in their state parks where a out of stater pays $200 for a annual permit but if you want to use full hook ups you still pay $10 a night. Even with the extra fees in both of these states it would still be cheaper than not buying the annual permits.So for the least expensive way you can boondock in California and Arizona for 7 months for $180 if the heat doesn't run you out and not ever have to move to a different area or pay $3185 for a year of staying in New Mexico state parks with full hook up or pay $3850 in Nevada's state parks with full hook ups as opposed to paying the USFS or BLM $6570-7300 for a year with full hook ups in their campgrounds.




Monday, December 10, 2018

Power adapter storage

I added magnetic hooks in the front storage compartment with the batteries for hanging the power cord adapters.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Coleman lantern stroage

I have a 1945 Coleman lantern made for the military that I will be using for camping and have needed a storage box for it, I had a old homemade box for another lantern so I repainted it to go with the military lantern.

This will help protect the old girl during transport.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Fresh water hose storage

So up till now we have been carrying around 2 Camco 25' white drinking water hoses that are a pain to roll up since they are stiff, we need 50' of hose at home to fill our tank but so far anywhere else 25' will do. I have pulled the white hoses out of the trailer and in its place is a 25' coiled drinking water hose a Plastair Springhose 3/8"X25'

I wanted the hose to be mounted outside on the water tank side of the trailer so I picked up 4' of 4" pipe a plug for the end and a removable expanding test plug for the other end. I cut the pipe to the length that I wanted and glued the plug in the end.

I temporarily taped the tube in place on top off the bumper under the ladder and behind our spare tire. We don't use the ladder on the trailer so it is not really in the way.

I next installed the removable plug and cross drilled the bolt behind the wing not after it was tightened up and installed a #3 hitch pin to keep it from coming loose. I will add permanent mounts when it is warmer out.