Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Trailer damage from the last trip.

We had some damage to the stabilizer behind the rear door when we bought the trailer but I fixed it good, so time for a new one. How I didn't get step damage also I don't know must have been lucky.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Electric heater cover

If you have looked close at some of our interior pics the you may have caught a glimpse of our electric radiant heater setting in its factory box next to the couch, we kept the box over it to keep the dust off but it was unsightly. So the wife made a canvas cover for it and I had her tie dye it.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Dayton Gulch WY depression era gold mine camp,

These pictures are of a depression era gold mine and the camp around it. Off Dayton Gulch road in the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Solar power

We took a second Renogy 100 watt solar panel with us this trip, last trip we had 1 panel hooked up to our battery system using a cheap Harbor Freight 7amp charger and their thin 10 ft lead and we did ok we got 3.6 amps out of a 5.29 amp panel. This time we added Renogy "Y" connectors to tie the panels together and then added 20' lead wires in 10 ga wire and hooked up to our Bogart Engineering SC-2030 30 amp charger that is tied into our Bogart Engineering TM-2030-RV battery monitor and we saw a high of 10.8 amps.

The Harbor Freight charger and leads look to be about 16 ga so it lost power there and I had to use automotive style wiring connectors to hook to the solar panel so probably more loss there.

The new connectors are easy to use and I just run the wires out to the panels and plug them in.

We did have to fire up our generator to charge the batteries one time during our 8 night stay as we were down to about 80% capacity, so down about 92 amps and we kept getting to much cloud cover for the solar panels and the generator brought them back up to about 86% then the solar panels finished them off and we stayed on solar for the rest of the trip.

I had the Harbor Freight parts from another project already so I tried them out, but if I had not had them I would have waited for the better components the first time.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Changes to my site

I have decided to make a change to my site I will now be including our activities that we do while camping this will include gold prospecting, rock-hounding and exploring.

July camping trip to the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming

Well we just got back from a eight night stay in the northern Big Horn mtns in Wyoming we stopped for 1 night on rd 144 off of Dayton Gulch rd 15 at this spot.

We went camp spot scoping the next day after people that were staying at a outfitter camp across the road from us spun brodies in the road intersection for the second time creating a lot off dust.
We found some people packing up to leave so we took this spot on rd 145 also off Dayton Gulch rd 15.

Our view was nice.

We did get horses and cows through the area as a rancher has a grazing lease with the USFS and they would stray through routinely even though he tried to push them out and every night for the first three nights the cows would tear apart our fire pit to get to salt in it.

Every evening we had deer show up in the camp area.

We went hiking to see a old sheep herders cabin and a depression era gold mine camp I will post pics of them later, we went for rides scoping out all of the camp sites in the area and we saw elk and a mama moose and her calf.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Camp etiquette

Not wanting to sound like the "camping police" here but if you are going to go to a campground and run your generator 24 hrs a day, then camp in a dispersed area so others don't have to listen to it. If you can afford a $20,000 side by side UTV then you can afford a battery bank and solar because even your quieter Honda generator makes a annoying drone late at night even from 200' away,  I know because they were in site 3 and we were in site 6 and I could still hear it inside our trailer even as deaf as I am.

My next and last gripe, don't be a camp site hog take one site don't park your camper in site 4 and then park your extra vehicle and the trailer for your off road rig in site 5. If there is a extra vehicle parking area like at this campground park your extra stuff there don't take up a extra camp site. It takes effort to hook up to your camp trailer and drive out of town and then 5 miles up a bumpy dirt road only to find no sites left because people are hogging the spots. Please show a little compassion for your fellow campers you probably wouldn't want to hear noise all night or have to drive home because you couldn't get a spot.