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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are one of those things most of us have for camping, maybe one for
spring and fall a lighter one for summer and a heavy one for winter. That one item
alone can add up into the hundreds of dollars, especially for the winter bag. Here is
an alternative, I bought this one off eBay a Slumberjack R3 sleeping bag system it is
two bags in one and is rated:
Inner bag 3 lbs 9 oz for fall /spring (0° alone) outer bag 2 lbs 9 oz for summer
(alone 30°) or combine the two for 6 lbs 2 oz for winter camping (-20°).
I paid $93 with shipping and this bag resides in our popup trailer and takes
care of the wife and I for sleeping. You may consider looking into this when it
comes to buying a bag.


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