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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A camping story: Our first trip with our popup camper

We took our first camping trip in our 1993 Coleman Cedar to the Pryor Mtns in Montana, a place we had been many times on day trips and this was to be our first overnighter.
We headed up Sage Creek Rd to a spot that a lot of campers use there, one that I don't care for to much so we went around the ridge behind it, down a brush choked road, brush scrapping the sides most of the way and pot holes large enough to swallow the trailers small tires till we got to the end and a nice open spot on the ridge where we pulled over.
I no more then stepped out into the grassy area and I was swarmed with bugs it only took a few seconds before I said no way to that spot that time of the year so back up the road we went.
It was at this time that my illness took over, I like to call it where does that road go-itous and it led us down a road we had not been on yet in search of our ultimate camp site for the day. We ended up on a two track of a road going off the ridge down into a canyon that dead ended in nothing I thought till I looked into the trees a caught a glimpse of something so we got out to look and this is what we found.

 Old log fencing

Rock walls

And best of all seating and a kitchen.

And it even had a refrigerator kind of a JC Higgins one.

And here we are all hidden in the woods with a one of a kind camp.

We were mostly done setting up when our German Shepard went on full scale alert, luckily only I noticed it at the time so I grabbed my .45 and we walked further into the camp and stopped, it was at this point I heard a sound I have never heard before but immediately knew it for what it was, the grunt of a bear directly in front of us in the trees. So we moved forward my dog and me and the bear gave ground moving farther up the camp and we kept going till we were about 50 ft from an aspen grove and we could hear it grunting, but it wouldn't budge farther.
We turned around and went back and the dog settled down and we all took a short walk up the road till it dead ended and we watched a marmot and I could hear the bear up on the hill in the grove still grunting and I started to think about how the night was going to play out, either the dogs going off whenever the bear came around or the wife going out in the dark alone and coming face to face with a bear.
I told the wife we were going for a drive and the whole time I was scoping for a new campsite and on the way back I said to her "What if I said I wanted to go to another campsite" she said "I think your crazy" and I said "What if I told you we have a bear in our camp" and she said "Oh where out of there" and so we packed up because obviously the bear had a prior reservation on the site and had no intention of leaving.

And this is the place we ended up.

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