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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Camp lanterns for lighting up your night

For the RVer who plugs in every night or fires up a generator every night extra lighting may not be an issue just turn on the lights, but for tenters or boon dockers any relief you can give your batteries is a help. For portable lighting you have battery lamps both rechargeable and not, propane powered lanterns and gas powered lanterns. Here is my take on the 3 types.

Battery powered
I have 3 battery powered lamps at home and for the most part I keep them for when the power goes out, they are ok for indoors but they don't put out much light and as far as I am concerned, they are useless for camping.

Propane/Butane powered lanterns
For some reason I have only ever owned 2 of these, a butane powered one that was small enough for back packing but finding cartridges for it is very hard now a days Camping Gaz brand and a propane model that goes on standard propane cylinders that I picked up at a yard sale and have never used.

Gas or kerosene powered lanterns
I have several kerosene lamps in my house for when the power is out but glass kerosene lamps are not appropriate for camping. My go to camp lighting has always been gas powered lanterns, mostly Coleman's. You can pickup an old incomplete lantern at a yard sale for $5 and maybe replace or fix a pump, replace a globe or generator and have a working lantern for less than $30 and I have gas lanterns from the 1930's and they are still in use today. The most popular brand of gas lantern is a Coleman and they are the easiest to use and to get parts for repair, but there are many brands out there that can still be repaired and used today like AGM, JC Higgins, Thermos & Preway. And they bring a little nostalgia to your camping experience.

Here are some of mine.

They include Coleman 1938 & 1941 243A's, 1945 military, 1966 220, Sears lantern made by Coleman all ones that I use, lanterns that are my collection only and ones that I bought to fix up for use from Sears & JC Higgins.

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  1. Most of the Rechargable LED Lantern use three AAA batteries each and provide up to 20 hours of light per battery set. You should find the suitable one for yourself.

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