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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Camping stoves

There are a wide range of stoves available for all ranges of camping from minimalist stoves to stoves with ovens.

I have a small fold up stove that I keep in a day pack that burns wood and does a good job for heating up coffee or soup.

In the same pack I have a Esbit stove with fuel tabs as backup in case it is wet out. These are cheap to operate and do a good job for minimal cooking.

I also have 2 stoves that use Sterno cans or you could use a can of alcohol.
These are not the cheapest to operate and are for minimal cooking.
These stoves could also be used with wood if needed

Stepping up to a gas stove, I have a Coleman Feather 442 in a Coleman container, these are a lot faster then the above stoves and are capable of cooking good size meals. This one goes in my back pack.

For car, tent or trailer camping my go to stoves have always been Coleman stoves in various sizes, mostly 2 burner and in my opinion they are still the best. I have an oven that can be used with them and they do a decent job of baking but are a little hard to keep a constant temp, just like the propane styles.

I have 4 Coleman stoves a 413C from the 1940's, 413D from 1059-54, a Sears 476.74970 from the 1960's, and a 425E from 1975 .

I now carry a Campchef Coven propane stove oven combo when we use our pop up since it gives us the oven with it, I would have bought a Coleman one if I could at the time but this does a good job as with all camp ovens it has to many air leaks and I use a piece of Reflectix to help cut the wind from it.

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