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Monday, June 25, 2018

Leaf spring replacement 1 side is done

 I had to repaint my new springs first since they were rusty - thanks fedex

We tried to get our trailer up on to blocks on the front axle to lift the rear one up off the ground but the ground was to soft and the blocks kept tilting inward so I had to use our 20 ton jack on the frame and I raised it enough to put log rounds and blocks under it with the one good axle off the ground and I put a floor jack under the bad one.

The broken rear leaf spring was first and was removed easily.

The front spring was harder to remove the U-bolts didn't want to come off using the floor jack really helped to realign the springs , here is a hint don't tighten down the U-bolts after installing the new spring until you get all of the bolts back in mounting the springs, then tighten them down.

Use the floor jack to lower or raise the axle to help with the tension on the bolts, I removed the shackles first then the hanger bolt and lowered the axle to make removing the spring easier. After reinstalling the new spring I raised the axle reinstalled the shackle and then raised the axle the rest of the way to reinstall the hanger bolt some prying here was necessary to realign it. Make sure you replace all of the bolts and nuts and now is the time to replace the nylon bushings if you need to. Some people will put in a wet bolt kit when doing this, it is just brass bushings and a greasable bolts in place of the standard ones. Torque the spring U-bolts down and the rest just get tightened up until the splined end of the bolts get pulled into the hangers and shackles, the shackles have to be able to move so they cannot be to tight.

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