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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Our new battery system

I started on our new battery system today, first I removed the net between the pass thru and the battery compartment and unhooked the circuit breakers installed by the factory.

Next I added a plywood back coated with high temp paint ( all of our components either have plastic bases or stand up off the board so I am not worried about heat starting a fire) I added a cut off switch first on the positive side so I can cut all power from the batteries followed by a 250 amp T fuse and a positive distribution block. On the negative side I added a negative distribution block and a old 1000 watt inverter that I had. I added another cut off switch between the inverter and a 80 amp breaker for it also. I added 2 6 volt double battery boxes and 4 US Battery 2200  232 ah batteries wired in series/parallel giving us 12 volts and 464 ah of power.

I have to pickup some 1/0 AWG positive cable to hook up the positive sides of the batteries to the cut off switches, T fuse and the inverter all other wiring needing cable will be in #2 and #4 cable. I will add more as I and more parts.

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