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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Trailer rims and their ratings

There is a lot out there about 15" trailer rims and their psi ratings and weight ratings and tire psi ratings & weight ratings.
I started looking for new tires for my fifth wheel and was seeing a lot about checking your rims to see what psi rating they had on them, so I went to look at new rims and the only things listed for psi ratings was for what type of valve stem was installed, there are push in stems for 65 psi and 80 psi and metal valve stems for higher ratings. So just make sure if you use push in stems use them on 65 psi tries and for the 80 psi tires just get the metal stems since they are better anyway. Now there are weight ratings on rims and they are  important my trailer has a max weight of 10,000 lbs the axles are rated at 5080 lbs each so 10,160 max, the leaf springs are rated 2500 lbs ea so 10,000 max, so your rims need to be 2500 lbs and up and your tires need to be rated at a minimum of 2500 lbs at max inflation , mine are 2600 lb rims, so they are good for 10400 lbs max I would prefer they were 2800 lb rims. My tires are rated at 2830 lbs ea since they are E rated tires.

If you need to buy new rims or tires get them for a higher weight rating then you need to give your self some safety room.

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