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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Trailer tires

My trailer tires are out of date so I have been looking for new tires to replace them, my currant tires are Carlisle Radial Trail ST 225/75r15 load rating E so good for 80 psi at 2830 lbs. Unfortunately most trailer tires are no made in china and if you look enough on the web you see a lot about the chinese tires blowing out. Now my tires are from 2009 so they have lasted 9 years and are way past their replacement time. I checked on new Carlise tires and they all seem to be made in china now the only tires that I found not made there when it comes to ST tires are Maxxis they are made in Thailand or Twain and Goodyear Endurance tires that are made in the USA. Now a lot of people have good luck with the Carlise tires and some don't, mine obviously have lasted far longer then they were supposed to. I have seen a lot of posts about the Maxxis tires and only a few complaints, the Goodyear tires are the highest price and a lot of people don't seem to want to try them because Goodyear also has the Marathon tires and their quality dropped when they started making them in china and people started having issues with them, so now some people don't want to try the new American made tires. The tires I have seen that people seem to like overall are the Carlise's, Maxxis M8008, Goodyear Endurance, Freestar M-108, Sailun's S-637 and Goodyear G-614 tires

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