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Sunday, August 19, 2018

August camping trip to the Bighorn Mtns in Wyoming

Well we just returned from a 6 day trip to the Bighorn Mtns again and we went to our stand by camp first and as usual no one was there, there were 2 trailers in the first spot and the same Mercedes Van camper that was there on our last trip was next then a fifth wheel with a Jeep and then a older TT so we took the same spot again. We had no neighbors till Saturday then the people with the fifth wheel showed up took a day ride and the next day it rained hard and they bailed and went home. We had bad weather 1 day and stayed inside but the rest was nice weather in the 70's during the day and 40's at night. Our heater is not working low air flow so we bought a Mr Heater Big Buddy heater for the trip and over the trip we used 4 1lb cylinders so not bad there. We did not get to go anywhere on the trip once we got there except walking, I had filled up after the last trip and left the trailer hooked and when we got to Greybull WY before going up the mtn we stopped for fuel and the fuel tank would not take any fuel I thought the vent might have been plugged our that there was to much pressure in the tank and we still had enough fuel so we went up the mtn.

We had a few nice days in camp and walked around and on the fourth day we
decided to go pickup extra water and try and get fuel, we got the water bought the lodge store area was full of people from a tour bus and I didn't want to wait that long in line and thought I would come back the next day for fuel but it rained all day instead. We did manage to get a 5 gal can of fuel and about that in the tank for the trip home I had to pump it from the can into the tank twice to get it all in on the way.

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