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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Problems that popup while camping

There are a lot of things that can happen on you camping trips that are unexpected and can be a problem like a sudden snow storm and snow on top of your slider and no good way to remove it, or running low on water and needing a container to get more when you are 40 miles from the nearest store. On our last trip it was fuel for our pickup, we were 100 miles from home and stopped to get fuel before going up the mtn and the fuel tank wouldn't take fuel it kept over flowing it's vent was plugged, luckily we had enough fuel to go up the mtn and stay we just couldn't run around. We were able to get fuel on the mtn I had emptied our gas can into the generator and filled it and was able to get 5 gals into the truck just filling the neck and letting it go down. On the way home we would stop and I would pump fuel from the gas can into the truck a little at a time using a battery operated pump. So I was thinking that a few extra collapsible water containers would be good to carry not only to get more water but also for more fuel if you had too , maybe something like these.

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