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Friday, November 23, 2018

Communicating with the outside world while boondock camping.

Most of us have camped in places with no cell reception or tv reception for that matter and each time we are taking a chance hoping that nothing will happen. What can we do if we need to reach some one in the outside world while camping in a remote location, for us we have always carried a set of GMRS radios maybe we could reach someone on these but doubtful.

If we are using our Jeep and our popup camper we have a 10 Meter Ham radio in it that also works on 11 meter (CB) channels we have a much better chance getting out with it.

And we have always carried a Baofeng UV-82 Dual band handheld ham radio that we used while on trips with a local 4X4 club, so I bought one more of them so me and the wife could communicate while I was away from camp and I added a rooftop antenna for on the camper to extend its range. I will do a write up when I install it. I have heard transmissions form Georgia on it while in my front yard here in Montana on it.

I also have 2 CB radios at home right now that I am not using so I will put 1 in the pickup and the other in the 5th wheel so I bought a NGP (no ground plane) antenna for it since we have a fiberglass sided trailer and it is a 4 ft model which as a general rule of thumb with CB's for every foot of antenna you can get 1 mile of range so we would have 4 miles give or take unless we got some atmospheric skip.

I will add a cell phone booster at some point but with those you still need a nearby cell tower, but my ultimate plan is for a dual or quad band ham radio for the most reach.

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