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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

CB install post #1 the antenna

So for the CB install I choose a Firestik NGP (no ground plane) antenna kit with a 4' antenna these kits are for use on non metal surfaces like a fiberglass trailer wall and do not need to be grounded. I also added  a  Firestik quick disconnect below the antenna so it can be stored during travel. I chose to mount the antenna on the non entry side since there is a cabinet there in the bathroom which sits above the living room entertainment cabinet which is where I will mount the CB so it make routing the antenna cable easy. First I checked the cabinet outside walls for studs or wiring with a stud finder there was a wide stud going across the cabinet half way up so I cut a hole for a electrical outlet box below it and dug out the white foam insulating the wall it was not even high density foam it is the white stuff you see for packing, I dug that out and put in a plastic shallow outlet box and then drilled the holes through the outside for the antenna mount. The wall ended up being to thick for the shallow box and the mounting studs were to short to get nuts on so I had to re-cut the wall to mount a std metal outlet box. I mounted the box and secured the mount and sealed around the box inside the cabinet.

Not pretty but it will work and it is in a cabinet so I'm not really bothered by it.

The antenna, quick disconnect and its mount.

I will run the wire for the antenna after I put out my slider hopefully this coming weekend and I will mount the CB then.

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