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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Long term camping

Where can you long term camp, I don't mean for a few weeks I mean months ? Snowbirds and fulltimmers can use places like LTVA's in California & Arizona where you can stay for up to 7 month's for $180 most are just dispersed camp areas, some have amenities. Another alternative is New Mexico's State Parks where you can purchase a annual day use permit for $40 and then a annual camping permit for $225 for out of staters, then you simply move from 1 state park to another every 14 days and if you want a site with full hook ups you only pay $8 a night or $4 for electric only. Nevada has a similar deal in their state parks where a out of stater pays $200 for a annual permit but if you want to use full hook ups you still pay $10 a night. Even with the extra fees in both of these states it would still be cheaper than not buying the annual permits.So for the least expensive way you can boondock in California and Arizona for 7 months for $180 if the heat doesn't run you out and not ever have to move to a different area or pay $3185 for a year of staying in New Mexico state parks with full hook up or pay $3850 in Nevada's state parks with full hook ups as opposed to paying the USFS or BLM $6570-7300 for a year with full hook ups in their campgrounds.

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