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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Places to see while camping in or near the Pryor Mountains of Montana post #1

We will start with Big Pryor Mtn
Crater Ice Cave from the top.
And from the front.
Bainbridge Cabin- yes you can stay in it but it isn't much.
Mine site off the Miller Trail
Old Glory Mine site
They mined Uranium here.
This picture is about 15 years old of one of the mine openings, good luck finding it now.
This cabin sits close to the old Sandra Mine site and you can stay in it, despite the color it is not a old USFS cabin

The Sandra Mine site, this picture is about 15 yrs old and this stuff is long gone.
Red Pryor Mountain
Red Pryor Ice Caves

Bighorn Sheep
The Marie Mine- this one is long gone the BLM covered it up.
The Dandy Mines/Pryor Mountain Mine

The Pack Rat Mine
The Lisbon Mine

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