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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Places to see while camping in or near the Pryor Mountains in Montana post #3

This is the last post and will cover East Pryor Mtn, the wild horse range, Burnt Timber Ridge and Sykes Ridge.

Big Ice Cave
The ice in this cave is different from year to year and season to season.

Shield Trap Cave

Penn's Cabin- You can stay in it.

These cabins are near Penn's Cabin, in the valley east of it and are owned by a ranch in the Sunlight basin in WY and they used to let people stay in the one on the left.
And of course wild horses

Salt Lick Cave

Little Ice Cave

Odd things you find while walking through the woods

Mystery Cave - this is a old photo and not very good
Arches and caves on Sykes Ridge and even Bighorn Sheep

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