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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Power stand tester for campgrounds - my version

Ok so in a previous post I showed a made up voltage and polarity tester for testing campground power stands before plugging in. This is the one I saw and wanted my own version of it.

So I went on amazon and bought a short 30 amp male - 15 amp female plug I also bought a longer version of it in case the stand cover wouldn't lift high enough to see the short one and a digital all in one polarity and voltage tester. I tested it in my house and then on a extension cord in the yard using a 15 amp male - 30 amp female adapter that I have seems to work out pretty, good total price for all 3 pcs $36.50

In the above pic the tester and the short adapter are in a spare container that I had it will keep the tester from getting banged around and it will be in the truck when we are headed to a campsite with power, just pull up to a site get out go to the stand plug the tester in a few times to clean the contacts with the power off the turn on the power and test it, if it is not good - don't back in go to the next site.

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