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Sunday, January 13, 2019

120 Volt kitchen appliances run off 12 Volt inverter

We started looking at some of our smaller 120 volt appliances for use in our trailer without having to use the generator or power at a campground. Now we ave a 4 battery bank that has 464 amps of power, but if you want your batteries to last you should not drain them down past 80%  or in our case about 92 amps which is normally 3 days of use for us.

We had a electric skillet but it pulled 1500 watts which is more then our inverter puts out so no luck there and a older crock pot type set up that had teflon lining that only pulled 300 watts it has been stored for years but the teflon looked bad so in the garbage it went. We have a new Mr Coffee Espresso maker that I had high hopes for since it was only 800 watts We tried it and at the start our batteries were at 98% and we brewed 1 cup with it and they dropped to 96% it pulled a whopping 72 amps and yes our batteries would support that but with daily use it would drain our batteries quicker and we would need to recharge sooner than every 3 days so for now it is out.
We also picked up a new mini food processor from Cuisinart that was a cheap deal at Walmart and it worked out great as it only pulled 7-8 amps so it stays in the trailer.
 We plan on trying a small 3 quart instant pot, dehydrator, a small rice cooker steamer from BB&B and a electric skillet if we can find one that pulls 750-800 watts but even that may be to much. I will post more as I try them.

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