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Friday, April 5, 2019

Furrion Vision S install

So the weather is nice and I have installed or rear back up camera on our trailer. Our trailer is a 2002 Laredo 27RL and is 30' long so you need a good wireless camera not a cheapie for that length. The install was not as clean as I wanted but it is temporary anyway and as normal things don't always go the way you ant them to. I wanted to hook up to a hot wire through the light cord plug ins not the running lights, but when I had the last plug in installed on my pickup I didn't have them hook up power to it for charging batteries since it is so inefficient anyway and I couldn't find a hot wire on the rear of my pickup to do it. So I had to wire it to the lights and I removed the center clearance light and could not find a decent place to ground the camera  and I was not going to pull my overhead cabinet inside apart to do it there so I ran both wires down the back of the trailer by running them to the ladder and tapping them down and securing them with zip ties.
I grounded to my hitch that was added on and spliced into the driving lights wire. I plugged in and powered up the camera and the picture came right up without it having to search for the camera. As a added bonus this camera has motion detect in case something moves behind you when you are backing up and you can even hear someone walking or talking behind the trailer. And since I only put 4 small screw holes in the trailer we can move this camera easily to our next trailer down the road.

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