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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Our new Baughman BP712RG trailer

I decided to get a all aluminum trailer to haul our Yamaha Rhino on since they are a lot lighter than the steel models which will save on fuel over time and will be better when going up and down steep hills. Our trailer is a 7X12 which we can pull behind our fifth wheel and still be under the maximum length in most of the states we will visit in the future. I special ordered mine with brakes and a brake away switch to meet other states requirements and to help on steep down hills. Also these trailers come with a 5 yr axle warranty and a lifetime warranty on the aluminum trailer. They are made in Salt Lake City UT, and I bought it from Montana Trailer Company in Billings MT.


  1. Hello. I am thinking about buying an aluminum trailer to haul my RZR behind my camping trailer. My hope was if it was aluminum I could pull it with my RZR as well to grab firewood. I don't need brakes as it's just another potential mechanical issue. Do you have any thoughts??

    1. I bought our trailer because it has a lifetime warranty on the frame and the welding, I was told if a weld or framing starts to crack bring it to a Baughman dealer and they will weld it for free. Also buy a trailer longer and wider than you need it will help with loading and unloading.

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