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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Making Fitted Sheets Fit Better

Hi there everyone, the Camping Bastards wife here.
We have a queen short mattress in our Keystone Laredo 5th wheel and plan on getting a regular queen mattress in the future, so instead of buying queen short sheets we bought regular queen size.

Clara Clark Deluxe Sheet Set, Premier 1800 Collection.
We have been using this brand on our bed at home for years and they are great, very soft even after being through many washes in our hard water. I bought these on Amazon for about $25.

Well these are a bit too big and I have tried to use those elastic sheet clips to make the sheet fit better, but those never seem to hold tight enough and come off when you try to tuck under the top sheet and blanket.

I looked at the fitted sheet and noticed that the elastic isn't sewn in the casing edge it's loose. So, I got my seam ripper and opened a small space about 1-1/2" and got a hold of the elastic
I then proceeded to pull the elastic out until the sheet fit a bit more snugly. I tied an overhand knot in the elastic to keep the new size, which can be untied at a later date when we get a new mattress.

It took a good bit of adjusting, as you can see, but the bottom sheet does fits much better.
After we have a camping trip or two I'll have a better idea of the fit and can adjust it if needed.
The top sheet I will do nothing to and since it tucks under around 18" I don't think it will come un-tucked very easily. Now I just have to repeat the process with our other sheet set that we bought when first got the trailer.

Happy Camping Everyone

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