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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Things you don't want to deal with on a camping trip.

Well our first camping trip of the year is in the bag and it was not without issues.

First we acted like newbies and rushed getting ready and left our camera at home, we also only took 2 blocks for leveling the trailer, luckily that was enough. We also forgot our box that we carry the fittings for our septic dump hose in so we couldn't dump the black or gray water on the way home.

Next was the things you don't want to see at a campground even a free one.

First people just letting their dogs run free.

Second was people holding spots for others, I watched one guy get turned away from a spot, he could have parked it the middle I have seen people due it before or taking another spot somewhere else but last I saw of him he was headed back to town. And I felt sorry for him.

Third was people letting their kids use the area with in the camp as a moto track, now I know everyone was there to have fun and the parents wouldn't want the kids out of their sight for long but the people without atv's probable didn't appreciate it.

As campers we need to monitor our activity's and the way we do things when we are using even free campgrounds  as there could be complaints to the BLM about the activities there which, could result in tighter restrictions.

If you are goung to let your dogs run and ride atv's around the camp then choose a dispersed site where as far as I am concerned there are no rules.

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