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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Black water tank plugs

Ok here is a stinky, smelly, shitty subject (pun intended) to have to talk about but it is necessary and may save someone from wasting money buying snakes that won't work. Now I have heard boiling water will free a clog or you could buy a chemical and wait for it to clear. What you will need will depend on your drain setup, some drop straight down into the tank some like mine go down the turn and move over a few feet the drop down. If yours drops straight down it should be easier to clear with just something straight an stiff to push through the blockage, if yours is like mine don't waste your money on snakes that are to small like these.

I had one like the one above already and bought one like the bottom one, they are not big enough around to do the job easily which is what you want and are not stiff enough. A shorter 6' snake like below with at least a 1/2" dia snake would do the job better.

I will buy one like this next, I just used a larger 20' version I had at home.
I would try the hot water method first, then I would just go to a larger snake to begin with.

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