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Friday, June 14, 2019

Portable fans

Our fifthwheel only came with a power fan in the bathroom and we have not forked over the money yet to have any installed, maybe later. On our last trip out it got into the mid 80's and the breeze coming through the windows was not enough so out came our Fan-Tastic Vent Endless Breeze 12 volt box fan, they are only 14" fans but put out 900 cfm on high and it did the job. It ran on low over night and drained our battery 6% which was acceptable for staying cool.

12V - 3 Speeds
Power consumption: 1.2 amps - 2.6 amps

    Low Fan Speed = 1.18 amps

    Medium Fan Speed = 1.62 amps

    High Fan Speed = 2.58 amps

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