Sunday, October 13, 2019

New solar panels

We picked up or new solar panels this weekend 5 100 watt Renogy RNG-100D-R-BK panels that each put out up to 6.1 amp they will max out my 30 amp controller under full light. I have to get wiring and mounts yet so will be awhile before install, I did unbox and test each panel to be sure they worked.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Starting on solar set up.

I have a Trimetric TM-2030RV monitor installed in my trailer now. It gives me currant volts, percent of power still in the battery bank and how many amps the batteries are being charged at.

I have already purchased a Trimetric SC-2030 solar charger to add to the system it will talk to the TM-2030RV via a phone line.
And I just ordered 5 Renogy RNG-100D-R-BK-BC 100 watt monocrystalline solar panels

So now I have a start on my solar system just need to get wiring, a junction box or 2 and mounts, hope to have it all done before winter is over.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Water lines and winterizing

I blew out the water lines with 40 psi air pressure and added RV anti freeze to the p-traps and black and grey water tanks. I do not add antifreeze to the fresh water tank or the water lines, I don't want even biodegradable antifreeze in the tank or lines I may drink out of and I don't care if they say it is safe. Even biodegradable soap will contaminate the ground if it is dumped in the same place often enough.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Camping season

Well it looks like the camping season may be over, the pickup went to the shop for a new transmission & clutch after the last trip we had lost 5th gear 60 miles from home and now the snow has come to the high mtns leaving only the lower elevations. I have to put 500 miles and two weeks driving on before I can tow a trailer to let the clutch and transmission settle in.