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Monday, November 4, 2019

Camping safety

We want to enjoy ourselves while camping and forget about all our problems and whats going on in the world, but lets not forget that the world is not always safe and when we put ourselves in remote areas we are on our own. Maybe you saw the news about the two full time campers down in Texas that were killed and their camper was driven to Mexico or how about one of the many bear attacks that happen.
We need to be ready to defend ourselves at all times when we are out there alone, we cannot depend on other humans good nature. Do not open your door at night without turning on your lights and looking out your windows to see who or what might be there. At least keep pepper or bear spray or a spray bottle of vinegar by your door, once your door comes open you are at a disadvantage since it opens outward and you may not be able to get it closed again. Trust no one that you don't know. Be safe and stay that way.

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