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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Coffee pot power usage.

Ok this is my second post on power usage for use in our trailer. A little review of our setup, we have 4 6 volt deep cycle batteries in series/parallel giving us 12 volts and 464 amp hours and a old 1000 watt inverter with a dedicated plug in at the counter top.

The test subject is a Walmart Mainstays coffee maker for single servings 8-14 oz using k cups or grounds.

We monitored the test using our Tri-metric TM 2030 RV battery monitor we started with 99% battery capacity and ran 10 oz of water and our meter showed 00.4 amps used by our inverter and the single brewing took 77.1 amps and dropped our batteries to 98% capacity.

Now you may wonder why I am checking this, we are planning to add 500 watts of solar panels once the weather stays clear long enough and they will put out 30 amps of power in full sun so we would need 2+ hours of solar charge time to recharge the batteries for every cup of coffee I want in the morning not what I want to see but it is still a acceptable situation 2 cups of coffee and 5 hours recharge time, I could live with it.

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