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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Camp etiquette

Not wanting to sound like the "camping police" here but if you are going to go to a campground and run your generator 24 hrs a day, then camp in a dispersed area so others don't have to listen to it. If you can afford a $20,000 side by side UTV then you can afford a battery bank and solar because even your quieter Honda generator makes a annoying drone late at night even from 200' away,  I know because they were in site 3 and we were in site 6 and I could still hear it inside our trailer even as deaf as I am.

My next and last gripe, don't be a camp site hog take one site don't park your camper in site 4 and then park your extra vehicle and the trailer for your off road rig in site 5. If there is a extra vehicle parking area like at this campground park your extra stuff there don't take up a extra camp site. It takes effort to hook up to your camp trailer and drive out of town and then 5 miles up a bumpy dirt road only to find no sites left because people are hogging the spots. Please show a little compassion for your fellow campers you probably wouldn't want to hear noise all night or have to drive home because you couldn't get a spot.

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