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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

July camping trip to the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming

Well we just got back from a eight night stay in the northern Big Horn mtns in Wyoming we stopped for 1 night on rd 144 off of Dayton Gulch rd 15 at this spot.

We went camp spot scoping the next day after people that were staying at a outfitter camp across the road from us spun brodies in the road intersection for the second time creating a lot off dust.
We found some people packing up to leave so we took this spot on rd 145 also off Dayton Gulch rd 15.

Our view was nice.

We did get horses and cows through the area as a rancher has a grazing lease with the USFS and they would stray through routinely even though he tried to push them out and every night for the first three nights the cows would tear apart our fire pit to get to salt in it.

Every evening we had deer show up in the camp area.

We went hiking to see a old sheep herders cabin and a depression era gold mine camp I will post pics of them later, we went for rides scoping out all of the camp sites in the area and we saw elk and a mama moose and her calf.

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