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Friday, August 14, 2020

Battery's and something to charge them with while camping.

You may have a single marine/rv battery or you may have 2 connected together in your rv, for these to recharge while camping you either need solar panels or a generator and a automotive type battery charger and you will probably recharge them every day or every other day and slowly kill them off because you are draining them to far down before recharging them. If you are using a battery bank of golf cart battery's like me then you will want solar and a charger that is 4 stage and will put out the higher voltage that these batteries require for my US Battery's it is 14.7 volts and for Trojan Battery's 15.0 volts so you cannot use a automotive type charger on the whole bank and expect to get extended life from them. My charger the Boondocker BD-1275-C is a four stage charger that gets the high voltage that I need out and will even equalize the batteries  when I am not using the trailer as long as I keep the charger plugged in. So no matter what type of battery's that you are using make sure and check into what type of charger you need for them and get what they need and you will prolong their life.

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