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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Don't be a camping ass hat

This is one of those cases where if you read my web page you have to occasionally deal with my opinion.

First what is a camping ass hat ? It is the person who comes up the road you are camping on pulls into your spot and see the road goes nowhere else and instead of backing up and turning around they drive into your site behind your camper and then out between some trees, that is a camping ass hat.

Or it could be the other camper that pulls up to your camp site while you are gone and squeezes into what is clearly your spot and runs a extension cord for their generator over behind your site so you have to listen to it.

It is also the camper with a atv or utv or even their vehicle that doesn't even bother to slow down when the come by your site, they just dust you out I would bet they wouldn't appreciate it if it happened to them.

A lot of us have to deal with assholes all the time when we are at work, we go camping to re-leave our stress
and to get away from rude people, no we can't totally get away from them but please be courteous to your fellow campers, don't crowed into their camp site, slow down if you see there site don't dust them out and don't drive right up into their site.

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