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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Waste drian valve replacement

On our last trip out the 3" black water valve started to drip from the seals so I thought I would by replacement seals and be done with a cheap fix. I soon found out that the Bristol valves on my Keystone were less common to find for sale in my area but the Valterras were easy to get, also I could not find seals for the Bristols only complete valves. So out with the Bristols and in with the Valterra valves not a much harder job I thought, what I didn't count on was the old plastic pipe especially the flanges for the valves being brittle and breaking.

So I picked up the two valves and a replacement "Y" for above and went home after work and started removing the 1 1/2" valve and the flange on that side broke also and the other flange on the 3" side I heard it cracking when tightening up the valve so back to the rv dealer. This time I bought a 3" elbow, flange & sleeve and a 1 1/2" sleeve and flange, I just cut all the old plumbing off at the valves and installed new pieces. Now if the seals start to leak I have replacement seals and the valves are easy to get.

At this point I am into it for about $106, anyone with basic household plumbing knowledge could do this repair and I did find out that 3" house drain pipe fits the 3" elbow that I bought so other parts may be interchangeable.

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