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Monday, September 21, 2020

Added a third solar panel

 On our last trip out I added a third solar panel to our set up, our electric usage had almost doubled since I had added the Igloo cooler and we were using our Fantasic breeze fan a lot because of the heat. I had already added the Furrion solar panel plug in before and the Renogy Adventurer 20 amp solar charger before so the job was mostly done already.

I did not have all of the needed wiring on the trip so I used a 20 ft piece of extension cord for the wiring.

And I added the plug in for connecting to the Furrion Solar panel plug.

I plugged in the third panel and we got 14.4 amps charging from all three panels which went along way to replenishing the 40 to almost 60 amps we were using everyday and night.

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