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Saturday, December 12, 2020

First aid kits

 Whether it if for you camper, auto or atv/utv first aid kits are a must and as the saying goes you get what you pay for. Lets look at a few first aid kits we will start with a basic model that we just removed for our camper.

It has a nice plastic case that is hard to open, cheap adhesive bandages and everything is crammed into it.

A step up in a soft case with a better layout with better access to individual items is this first aid kit that I believe we purchased at Walmart. It still has the cheaper bandages but it has clear easy to see instructions for use by each package.

My personal favorites are the Adventure Medical kits, they also come in a soft case but they are more compact.

I have had a hunter series kit in my jeep for years. It is more compartmentalized , but access is still good and less searching for what you need than the cheapo kit at the top. Plus it comes with a detachable field trauma kit.

It will take care of 1-7 people for 1-7 days.

We replaced our cheapo kit in the camper with the Adventure Medical Sportsman series 400 kit which will take care of 10 people for 14 days. It also is compartmentalized but with good access and has a field trauma kit.

What I like best about the Adventure Medical kits is that when you use up parts of the kit you can go on their web site and get replacement items no needing to replace the whole kit.

They also have separate field trauma kits.



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