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Sunday, April 4, 2021

Spring time battery maintenance day

 Well it was battery maintenance day after a winter with our Boondocker charger keeping them charged and from freezing. So what is battery maintenance for me ? First I take a reading of each batteries voltage then I take a reading of each cell to see if that battery alone needs a charge.


As you can see this cell was between 13.00 and 12.75 a good reading but on this battery the three cells were 13.00, 12.75 & 12.75 so I gave it a little charging at 30 amps to help even it out after topping off the cells with distilled water.

             I then gave the whole bank a little charge time at 30 amps with the charger but since this charger wont bring the batteries back above the 14 volt mark I finished the charge with two portable 100 watt solar panels.

In the end we started at 13.2 volts and am ending with 14.6 volts.

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