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Sunday, June 27, 2021

2 More upgrades to the pickup for towing

 Well we added a Stromberg Carlson fifth wheel tailgate to the Dodge Ram these are of decent build and fullfill the purpose of being able to hook up without removing the gate and to keep things from sliding out, they are lower priced gates not the better looking $400+ units, but fair warning the instructions are lousey.

Next I wanted a head ache rack to protect the back of the cab and to mount things to. I like the looks of the louvered units but the are hard to mount things to so I settled on a wire back but the units like Backrack were over $400 with the mounting kit and a new aluminum Protech rack locally was $479 so I decided to go that way and on the day I was looking at them I saw this used one for sell on facebook for $250 so I got it.

The second spare tire is just tied to the rack for the moment and the green thing in the middle is a double bit axe holder from the USFS circa 1970, I will also mount hella lights, a CB antenna, ham antenna and shovel to the rack and the a high lift jack in the bed.

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