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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Filming equipment for a blog, web page of YouTube

 As our Fujifilm camera gets older and its capabilities are degrading we are looking at newer equipment like a Canon EOS DSLR camera, Go Pro, dash cams, a drone to be able to improve on our content. This year we have added a dash cam to our side by side a Nextbase 122 which records in 720P HD nothing fancy about $75 and a Nextbase 222 dash cam which records in 1080P HD and we are starting to post videos to our YouTube channel with it now (see our YouTube channel link above) this has been a struggle since we just switched to Win10 from Win XP and lost most of our pictures and things on the computer doing it.

We have just purchased our first drone a used one and I will try to post clips or short videos here form both our dash cams and the drone and full videos on the YouTube channel. But a word of caution here about drones and posting to your Youtube channel , blog or your own web site, if you post drone footage the FAA may consider you as a commercial flyer instead of a hobbyist and require you to get a commercial part 107 license to fly your drone and it doesn't matter if you are making money from you channel,blog or web site or not they say if it is for self promotion ie; bettering your site you need to get the license which is $150 every two years. So for now I will try to walk a fine line here on drone footage. I have kept this site ad free and only promote products through links that I post but I may have to start letting ads be posted to help with the costs of equipment to further the site and web channel.

I am not the most social of people and have never been the facebook type, but since starting this blog and now web page I have added a YouTube channel, pinterest, instagram and a facebook page and 5 different email addresses to deal with them, I am feeling social overload but I have a need to forward this page to a higher level through more and better content. So I will try to add more campground pics and videos in the near future.

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