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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Camera equipment storage

 Our old dslr camera has always just been in its carry case and as a result it got dirty many times while we were out with the side by side. When we got our drone it came in a mostly unpadded hard case so I decided on a new case for the drone and to use the old one for camera storage, it now houses are old dslr camera, gps and out backup camera for our trailer since we already lost it once.

For our drone I decided on a well padded water and dust proof hard case by GPC (Go Professional Cases)

We added 2 dash cams this year and recently a gopro so I looked first at GPC and they had this small case for go-pros which you could pull the foam liner out flip it over and it had a different set of cutouts available, the problem was lost of storage space that way so I separated both pieces and now have a upper and lower storage area that is now for the dash cams.

and again this is a water and dust proof case. I still have room to add another dslr camera in the first case and another gopro in the above case which I will need both as a web site or youtube page requires you to have a fair amount of camera equipment. Check out the GPC cases I like them already.

GPC cases

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