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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Clearsource Ultra water filtration system

 We bought a water filtration system for the 5th wheel, I'm not sure yet if I am going to leave it portable or mount it to the rear bumper, I need to measure the bumper for size for u-bolts to clamp it down and I have to see if my hitch under the bumper will interfere. 

Why the Clearsource filter ? most filter systems only come with 2 filters 1 for sediment and 1 a 0.5 micron filter to get rid of harmful minerals and some bacteria, the Ultra comes with a 0.2 micron filter to get rid of all but the smallest viruses which no filter can catch. Also it is built like a tank and uses a standard size house filter cartridge so if the first two filters get dirty I can pick up a replacement at Walmart or any home improvement store, the last cartridge the 0.2 micron filter is unique to Clear Source as far as I know right now and must be bought from them.

Why a three stage filter or a filter at all ? If you are like me you fill your water tank before leaving home most of the time and wont need to filter the water, but when we go up high on the mountains we don't carry water to reduce the weight and get potable water on the mountain or if we are lower we drive to town and get potable water to refill our tank. So what is potable water ? Potable water is supposed to mean drinking water or in the case of a campground in the USFS or BLM it is well water or spring water and like most municipal water systems it is reasonably safe to drink even thought it may be high in calcium,iron or other minerals but the question is it checked and how often ? Can we say Flint Michigan here ? 

Most of the water you put in your camper doesn't need to be filtered it is going to be used for toilet water, showers,dish water or heated for cooking which will kill the bacteria only 5 -10 percent of your water will be drank straight from the faucet, but the smells and minerals from the water you put in the tank will remain in the water system until it is flushed out or sanitized with bleach, here is where the water filter comes in removing most of the contaminants and minerals before it goes into your system.

 The Clearsource will filter 2000 gallons or more depending on the water you put in it before needing the filters replaced and this will take most people their whole camping season to reach that amount, for full-timmers they will reach it mush sooner and may need to replace every 1-2 months.

I bought my Clearsource from amazon and it was $25 off the normal $399 price this was the lowest price I have seen on these yet. I will post a link below. I don't know if it is still $25 of now.

“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” a small fee from any sells made from this link and it won't cost you a penny more. Also I will not post any product on here that I do not believe in this page is still about letting you know about products I have tried or trust and not amount any money I make from the products and will always be so.

Clearsource Ultra Premium

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