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Monday, August 16, 2021

Don't neglect your awning or AC from lack of use.

 We have all seen awnings that look like they are shredded when rolled up, that is because they are always exposed to the sun on the top edge of the roll and it degrades over time. Here are a few tips to prolong your awnings life.

Tip one Your awning gets water in it every time it rains and it is rolled up, unroll it periodically to dry it out preventing mold.

Tip two the top edge of the roll will develop pin holes from the sun beating on it and damaging the fabric. Cover it up if you can.

 We neglected ours 

We don't use are awning much because we live and camp in a windy area where you put it out during the day only to put it back up every night due to the wind coming up. So we found out the hard way about the pin holes when we unrolled our awning after a long period of no use. There were pin holes from one end to the other. If you don't take steps now to repair it it will just get worse.

Our repair

First I cleaned the awning top and bottom with a small amount of simple green and water (we did this while we were camping)

Second we always carry both white and black Gorilla tape with us and I taped over the holes on the bottom side with the white tape.

Third we also always carry two rolls of Eternabound tape with us for roof repairs, I used 4" tape along with their spay glue on the top side of the awning providing a thick cover over the edge that takes the worst beating from the sun.


Don't neglect your AC if you are like us we don't use ours often but when you really need it, you want it to work.

Tip one Start your AC periodically to help keep it in running shape and let it run for while.

Tip two  If running off a generator start the AC on fan first and let the generator pick up the load then turn on the AC.

We didn't use our AC for about a year and a half to two years and when we needed it it didn't want to cooperate it tripped the breaker two or three times even starting with the fan first but I keep after it and it finally kept going, this is because I have neglected it since we don't use it much. I will now start it at the start of spring and off an on on 110 while plugged in during the season.

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