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Sunday, August 8, 2021

O2Cool 10" battery operated fan review

 We have been having a lot of power outages at home lately and we have not had enough battery lights and battery or 12 volt fans to keep cool. I wanted to pick up things that would work for at home and for camping to. We went to walmart and bought this battery operated fan a O2Cool 10" fan that runs on 6 D cell batteries.

First what I like about this fan:

It folds up and doesn't use a lot of space.

It can run on alkaline batteries or rechargeable s.

Air flow is pretty good.

What I don't like:

It is AC adapter compatible, but doesn't come with the adapter you have to find one that works with it.

The back where the battery's go attaches with two lock screws that you turn and to me the whole set up is flimsy and won't last with changing the battery's out .

Luckily for me changing the battery's out won't be a issue as I tend to keep adapters and not throw them away and I have a cigarette lighter adapter that I can power the fan from.

Would I recommend the fan to others: No I would not it is to flimsy in the battery compartment area.

I would look for another type of fan if I needed a battery fan again.

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