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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Portable battery bank

 In my last post I said we have been having a lot of power outages at home so I decided we need back up power with out getting out the generator. Luckily I have some parts left over from when we got the fifth wheel a Centennial deep cycle battery group 24   75 amp hours and the battery box it was in. I had a cabinet door pull I used for a handle and a double 12v cigarette lighter plug in I had left from another project and a SAE solar panel plug in I added to recharge the battery and I spent $10 on a 100 watt inverter that I added on top.

Here it is powering the O2cool fan.

This was a simple project and I did it and started on one with two battery's and spent about 4 hrs doing it. This will stay charged up with a Battery Tender solar powered charger that I had left over.

This will power a fan when we need to stay cool and we could even take it camping with us if we wanted to.

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