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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Trimetric SC-2030 solar charger and Trimetric TM-2030-RV batery monitor review

 Well we have been using our Trimetric solar charger and battery monitor for over a year now and it is time to review it's performance.

First would I do it over again, the answer to that is-absolutely.

Was it easy- no it was not.

Was it worth it- absolutely

The install-- First I am no electrician but I was able to figure the install out by looking at pictures and the directions provided were good enough.

Learning how to use the SC-2030 solar charger- That part was simple

Learning to use the TM-2030-RV battery monitor- not easy this took awhile and I had to make many programming changes and had to keep reading the manual, but I got it figured out.

What do I like best about the set up ? The two are connected by a phone cord and talk to each other and make monitoring the volts,amp & percent of charge very easy.

I can not only monitor the charge coming in through the SC-2030 solar charger, but also the charge coming through the Renogy solar charger I have installed plus I can easily add a third charger and with the way I have the system set up it will monitor that too.

If you are not the type to maintain the batteries then go with another simple charger with built in monitor it will be easier.

But if you are willing to do the maintenance work and may want to add to the system for more solar power later, then the Trimetric system is well worth it and hard to beat.

The Trimetric TM-2030-RV

The Trimetric SC-2030 solar charger 30 amps

My system


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