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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Ironman 4X4 jeep parts

I want to talk about a Business that makes high quality 4X4 off road parts for jeeps, I enjoy off roading while camping and exploring and have found that the parts made be Andy at Ironman 4X4 to be second to none. They are made by him in North Carolina, they are machined not cheap forging like some and his service is beyond compare.

Here are a few examples of his service. 

I had bought a track bar from him for my jeep cherokee and over the years the bushing in the end wore out I contacted Andy and he had quit making that track bar but still had bushings in two sizes for it, we were unsure which ones would be right so he charged me the $6.00 for a set of bushings and sent me both sets just to make sure I got the right size. That's service.

Next I upgraded my track bar to his new style and failed to realize that it mounted to the frame different  and needed a drop bracket. I texted Andy about it and even though the man was at dinner with his family he answered  my text and gave me a cheaper price for the drop bracket so I ended up getting both the track bar and the drop bracket for it at a cheaper price than he sold them for. Now that's great service.

Next I recently broke one of the lower control arms on my front axle I sent him a picture of it and  he said they were ollld school arms and said I should replace both so they matched, new arms are $190 on his web site but Andy sent me 2 new lower halfs of the control arms free of charge. See Andy is so confident in his control arms that he makes that he warrants them for life. Try to find another 4x4 suspension parts maker that will do that.

The new lower control arms.


Here are some of the other parts that I got from Andy for my jeep, they all have the same beefy build and high quality.


If you need upgraded parts for your jeep for off roading there is only one place that I recommend and that is Ironman 4X4 


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