2019 Camping Season

Our first trip this season was 4 day and 3 nights to Lovell WY and the BLM Cottonwood Creek Campground. Pics are not that good all we had was our cell phones.


We went back to Cottonwood Creek for 3 more nights and 4 days and ended up bailing out a day early because of pending snow lower down and all day rain when we left so no more fun time.

We only had one other camper come in and park and he just went home and left his stuff and another one didn't like the wind so they left.


We went back to Cottonwood Creek Campground for the 4th of July for 5 days
and 4 nights, only 2 other campers showed up and another 7 were down by the
lake, this time we took spot # 3

We missed the fireworks show due to heavy rain and lightning in town, we could
hardly see the fire works.

It rained on most of the days while we were there.


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