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Adjustable rear awning build for popup camp trailer

I wanted a rear awning for our popup to cut the sun coming in from our big
window, so I started to look at ones people had built since you cannot buy
one and I found these pics.

These all have the same things in common, they don't stick out very far, cannot be
adjusted for changing sun angles, and don't look like they have a good way to tie
them down in heavy winds so I thought it out and built my own more complicated
version that is adjustable and can be laid flat against the trailer and tied down in
heavy winds.

I used 3/4" sch 40 for the top arms on the ends installed a Tee and lightly sanded the small pieces of pipe sticking out on the ends to make it and the next pieces easier to take apart, all 3 of these pieces are glued together.

The cross piece to go between the two upper arms at the front is 3/4" sch 40 and is cut in half and a metal closet pole is slid inside to strengthen it in the middle.
The lower arms are CPVC for the inner and sch 40 for the outer with holes drilled through them for the adjustments and on the end is a CPVC 45 deg fitting sanded down on the end to fit in a sch 40 90 deg fitting, the inner piece is all glued together.

The upper and lower arms fit together like this.

Now the hardest part, for the ends to go around the lift arms you will need 4 of them and they are sized to fit the arms and are adjustable, the Tee's that the upper and lower arms fit into rotate up and down so you can adjust the height of the awning.
These are made using 3/4" sch 40 pieces, 1 Tee, 2 standard 90 deg elbows small pieces of pipe to fit them together and 2 90 deg elbows that are female on one end mmale on the other.

The piece on the right is glued together and the male end is lightly sanded so that the Tee will rotate on it. The piece on the left is glued together except the Tee which is on a short piece of sanded down pipe, you want the Tee to be able to rotate, not fall off easily.
Adjustments come from the 4 loops on the lift arms and the 2 lower arms, you can use 1/4" x 20 bolts or D rings for all of the connections and then I add bungees to tie it all down.

The Cover is Marine grade canvas in the same color as our bunk ends and was sewn by my wife, it has loops on each end and the front for the upper arms to slide into and snaps along the top edge to hold it to the roof.

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