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Our Keystone Laredo 27RL fifth wheel and its mods.

This is our 2002 Keystone Laredo 27RL

Our first mod was adding a second battery and right after the first trip out we added a
TP holder & towel bar in the bathroom and a towel holder above the bath sink, not
really a mod, they should have been there in the first place.

We then removed the wallpaper border above the stove and my wife installed a stick-on tile back splash. Looks better and should be easier to clean.

Added a 12 volt power outlet above the bathroom sink.

Added a 300 watt inverter behind the TV to power it the DVD player and the speakers.
110 TV on 12 volts.

Removed the valances and add curtains

Added a second 12 volt outlet by the door for our Igloo cooler to put drinks in.

I have also added 2 solar panel chargers one is for the panels we will be putting on the roof and I am using it now with 2 portable panels it is a Tri-metric SC-2030 30 amp charger and now I have added a Renogy
Voyager 20 amp charger and a Furrion solar panel inlet these will now be used with the portable panels the Furrion inlet is only rated to 10 amps so good for 2 100 watt panels so I may try pushing that to 3 panels and use a heavier fuse or add a second inlet.


  1. Good day ! I was looking all through your web site looking for an email address. I have a question about the 3 inch block lift. I have been searching everywhere to find out how it worked out for you. I have a 18 Ram 250 and the factory height is to tall for the trailer. The trailer has springs over axles, but I still need 3 inches. I can get the blocks and U-bolts, I just dont want to do all the work, if it doesnt work LOL

    1. You can buy factory made lift blocks and longer u-bolts check out a company called 6 Robbles they have them and because they are factory made they wont void your warranty.

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