Our Coleman Pop up camper and its mods.

This is our 1993 Coleman Cedar popup when we bought it.

Our first mods to it were a flash light holder , 2  12 volt plugins and a door alarm

We also bought a BAL Leveler for leveling out the trailer easily and I can tell you these do a great job on single axle trailers .

We cut Reflectix inserts to fit in the windows, and added thermal blankets to the bunk
ends to keep it warmer when it gets cold.

We next added a smoke detector/Co2 alarm, bunk fans, grey water container and a temp gauge.

Our pups table was to large and made it hard to get in and out on the cabinet side so I replaced it with a smaller fold up one and had to make metal braces to be used so that the dinette bed could still be used.

We added an adjustable awning on the window side.

It was soon apparent that even with the spring over axle flip that our trailer had, it was still to low for our jeep and off road travel.

I also wanted it to more match my Jeep so I gave it a new paint job. And I also added a second battery to the front.

Next we added a rear cargo rack, outside 12 volt plugin a second propane tank and a tire carrier.

 We lifted the trailer 5 1/2"


The lift was not enough so we added 2" more and 15" tires, lengthened the stabilizers and added a double step.

This is how it sets now.

An added benefit to lifting the trailer is I can now go up to 70 mph and have no sway, it tows great.

We have also added a programmable thermostat that is way better than the original
and wire shelving for additional storage.



  1. Awesome build. Just bought the same model. Inspiring post. Might adopt some of your mods.