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RV Camper Tips & Tricks

Dryer sheets can be put through out your camper to help keep mice out. Put them inside cabinets, drawers, and under the beds.

Add small mesh wire to the bottoms of your propane tank compartments to help keep rodents out.

For your waste tank add a cup of Borax detergent and 1/2 cup of Calgone Water Softener. The Borax helps
control odor and the water softener prevents waste from sticking to the walls of the tank.

Square containers use space more efficiently than the round containers,  and don’t move around as easily.

Pinesol Keeps Flies Away
Dilute it with water to create a 50/50 solution and wipe down your counters, tables, and awnings with it.

Add Glow in the Dark Tape to steps

Wasp Repellent:
Use a dog flea collar. Cut up a few and place them in the different compartments with openings small enough for wasps to fit in.

Spray Paint Dingy Parts to help stop rust and deterioration.

Keeping out heat and light: use Reflectix cut to fit the windows, dark curtains or thermal curtains.

LED Lights to save power.

Solar Lights save battery power: Using the solar powered lights outside can really save a lot on battery use.

Install wire baskets in the tops of cabinets, a lot of that wasted space can be utilized.

Keep a well stocked First Aid Kit, you may be camped miles from help.

Vent cushions can keep heat from escaping upward.

A patio mat extends your living space into the outdoors.

Carry a water bandit it makes it possible to thread a water hose onto a spigot with out threads so you can fill up with water easily.

Use bungee balls/cords to keep cabinet doors shut and small bungees on drawers when traveling.

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